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Vueti Dawasamu Environment Movement



Moon Reef - a Marine Protected Area

Go snorkeling and swim with the fish on Moon Reef
Moon Reef is a Marine Protected Area, and we are grateful for the support of our conservation partners. In 2011, the Vueti Dawasamu Environment Movement, DEM environment committee was been established for Dawasamu – the district which contains Moon Reef. The district includes 12 villages (some coastal, some inland) as well as the associated qoliqoli waters (coastal and marine areas under traditional customary ownership). The long-term objective of the committee is to develop a long-term, sustainable ‘ridge to reef’ management plan that proactively protects the environment while also providing livelihood benefits to the traditional owners. The work of DEM is being progressed under the framework of the locally managed marine area (LMMA) network that operates in various countries across the Pacific. The Fiji network is run through the University of the South Pacific.  Read more.

The work of the Vueti Dawasamu Environment Movement is supported by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

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